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RHA Dermal Fillers

What is it?

RHA stands for Resilient Hyaluronic Acid. These unique fillers contain hyaluronic acid gel which are designed to mimic your body’s natural hyaluronic acid.

How does it work?

The hyaluronic acid in the RHA collection is gently processed with fewer chemical modifications. This process helps preserve the natural structure of the hyaluronic acid, making it nearly identical to the hyaluronic acid produced by your skin. As such, the RHA line of fillers stretch and easily adapt to your facial movements. This results in a softer, more natural look while your face is in a resting position and when laughing, smiling, or frowning.

Treatment Concerns

Unwanted Fat.png
Lines & Wrinkles
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Loss of Volume
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Unwanted Fat.png

Not sure what treatment or service is right for you?

Talk with one of our expert technicians to ask questions and determine what treatment or service is right for you.
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